Personal Banking

Personal banking

From managing your daily budget to saving up for a rainy day, we’ve got you covered.


Cir_Bank_Personal_Checking Free mobile banking. Free alerts. Free online banking. Friendly drive-up hours. ATMs on your way to – everywhere. And a team of specialists who can’t wait to see you. Learn more.

Savings, CDs & IRAs

Cir_Bank_Personal_Savings What are you waiting for? Start saving your pennies today for your dream (fill in the blank) tomorrow. Learn more.

Online, Mobile & More

Cir_Bank_Personal_Online From home, work, or on-the-go. Computer, phone, mobile or in-person. It’s your money. Manage it your way. Learn more.

Gift Cards

Cir_Bank_Personal_GiftCard Cards are great payment alternatives to checking accounts. Perfect for students or travellers. And, of course, the one gift no one wants to return. Learn more.

Credit Cards

Cir_Bank_Personal_CreditCard Looking for the security, flexibility, and convenience that comes with every Visa® credit Card?  Look no further. Learn more.