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Due to hazardous winter weather conditions, these locations are currently closed today, January 22: Okoboji, Spirit Lake, Sherburn.  The following locations will close at 1:30 p.m.:  Armstrong, Fairmont, Jackson, New Ulm, Westbrook and Windom.  Sioux Falls and Wall Lake will remain open for normal business hours.

Chip Debit Cards

Bank Midwest Debit Cards With Enhanced Security

New and expiring debit cards will be issued with chip technology.Chip Cards

When chip cards (also called EMV cards) are used with chip-enabled card readers, the embedded chip encrypts your personal and purchase information increasing security and improving fraud protection. If your card is lost, stolen or compromised in a data breach, the embedded microchip makes the card extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy.

Note: You can still swipe your card like you normally would at merchants without chip terminals and for online purchases.


Using Your Chip Debit Card at Chip-Enabled Readers

Insert Chip Card

1. Insert chip card.

Chip Card PIN or Sign

2. PIN or Sign the transaction.

Remove Chip Card

3. Remove when prompted

Always remember when you use your chip card to follow the prompts on the terminal and leave your card inserted until prompted to remove it.


FAQs About Your Chip Card

Q. What is a ‘chip card’ and why is it more secure?
A chip card is a standard-size plastic card (can be debit or credit) with a magnetic stripe and a small microchip embedded in the card. The chip technology creates a one-time unique code for each in-store transaction.

Q. Why are chip card transactions more secure?
Chip card transactions offer you advanced security for in-store payments by making every transaction unique. And, your chip card is more difficult to counterfeit or copy. If the card data and the one-time code are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards and commit fraud.

Q. What if a merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal? Will my card work?
Yes. Just swipe your card’s magnetic stripe, like you would with your old card. Online purchases work the same way they did with your old card.

Q. What is an EMV card?
The terms EMV and chip are often used interchangeably. EMV is a set of specifications for chip card payments and payment devices originally developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa.

Q. How do I know if a terminal accepts chip cards?
Look for an ‘insert’ slot, typically located at the bottom or the top of the payment terminal. Or, simply swipe your card as you normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert your card.

Q. How do I use my chip card?
Not all merchants accept chip cards yet. Swipe your card as you normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert it instead. If you already know your chip card works there, start by inserting your card. These basic steps will help ensure successful transactions:

Insert Chip Card into Reader

1. Insert chip card.

Enter Chip Card PIN or Sign for the transaction

2. PIN or Sign the transaction.

Remove Chip Debit Card

3. Remove when prompted

Q. Will anything change during my online purchases?
No. You will use your chip card for online purchases by following the same process you do today.

Q. Can I use my chip card outside of the U.S.?
Yes. Chip cards are widely used in international markets and are accepted in more than 80 countries. Having a chip card will make it easier for you to make purchases when you travel internationally.

If you are planning international travel and wish to use your debit card, please contact Bank Midwest 888.902.5662 to request a chip-enabled debit card prior to your trip. Always notify us when traveling with your debit card.

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